People have a natural taste for curiosity which is why the awe and fascination in space exploration does not just stop at looking at the stars. It is understood that the world over is fascinated at how the universe works, how the planets, the moon, and our solar systems work and affect our lives.
This is why it is but expected that we will venture into space exploration and voyage into space with the help of our space shuttles. Space shuttles are created to leave the Earth and explore the fantastic area of outer space.

Space shuttle launches has fascinated people worldwide and draws attention and a good crowd every time. Space shuttle launching is a milestone of scientific as well as artistic measure. Photographers and videographers take this opportunity to whip out their cameras and produce pieces of art. Space shuttle launches attract people because of the artistic opportunities, as well as the scientific fascination.

Space shuttle launch viewing, as well as space shuttle launch videos are very popular for those who want to live and relive the milestone of skyrocketing into space. For those who want to experience space shuttle launches for themselves, the NASA Kennedy Space Center offers a great option of space shuttle launch simulation.